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Legal Documents made with the Best-in-class AI.

Get highly personalised and lawyer-level accurate legal documents made with our best-in-class legal AI, with an AI assistant to help you manage your documents — all securely in one place.


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Lawyer-level legal documents crafted with AI

Our Best-in-class AI is trained on thousands of highly accurate and compliant legal documents, but instructed to provide personalised and lawyer-level legal documents for your specific needs.

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Answer simple personalised questions for us to gather information.

Answer simple questions that are personalised to you, which helps our AI gather all required information to create a personalised document - yet highly accurate.

AI generated Suggestions to recommend potential answers.

Each question provides you with suggestions that would be the best fit for your document, this can be either be a reference on how to answer or potential answers.

AI Guide to help throughout the process.

Our AI will clarify if your decisions are legally compliant for your use-cases and help you with your doubts to provide the right answers for your use-case.


Seamlessly skim through
docs and automate revisions

You can ask questions based on your document to get more clarity, like understanding the key points of a document. Our Best-in-Class AI also provides accurate revisions based on ongoing changes and updates.

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Skim your document within seconds.

Ask questions to your document and Get more clarity about your document, like the key points in key sections before you send off for final review.

Lawyer-level document revisions.

Get accurate changes made to your document based on ongoing updates or changes. It accurately changes necassary parts of the document to create lawyer-level revision.

A breeze to use! The document was suprisingly very good, even a lawyer confirmed it's very accurate with just minor adjustments - for which he didn't even charge me. Saved me time and money, for sure!

- Tom from Shekels


Get more clarity from
complex legal documents

View a human understandable format of legal documents, understand overall summary, key points mentioned and important points to take into careful consideration - all within a glimpse and in simple, plain english.

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Compliant Documents Based on where you Operate from.

Get compliant documents - that follow laws and regulations for where you operate or where your customers are.




Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Documents can be drafted for other countries and states, but we cannot assure compliancy, and ongoing support for these documents.

End-to-End encryption

This type of encryption is very secure and is used mostly by governments and large enterprises. All the data stored are end-to-end encrypted meaning that even we don't have access to your data. Your data is stored is securely in the cloud on globally trusted data storage services.

Airstrip AI is Trusted by 100+ Companies.

What are you waiting for? Companies and individuals use Airstrip AI to get lawyer-level legal documents - saving them time and money and helping them get accurate and lawyer-level legal documents within minutes.

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